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AAC4ME combines care, retreat, support, and connection.

And Vashon Island plays a starring role.

Point Robinson Lighthouse

One important aspect of AAC4ME’s approach is the “retreat” model. The idea is to wrap around our client and their families in a way that encompasses more than just what happens in the therapy rooms! Part of that is bringing our families out of their familiar environments and routines and getting them out in a community, building up, and using the skills they are developing at CLASS INC.

Vashon Island

Vashon Island is the perfect location for this! Vashon is a beautiful community of 37 square miles with no bridges connecting it to the mainland. This gives it a remote and self contained feel.

There is a quiet laid back pace about the island making it perfect for our families and clients to retreat to at the end of the day. There is a whimsical artsy and organic welcoming vibe on our Island, and a friendly inclusive feel. The local residents become a safe place for our families and clients to begin reinforcing newly built skills.

Our clients can practice skills they’ve built in a small community that feels accessible and less overwhelming than Tacoma or Seattle. There is also a feeling of less pressure or judgment being removed from a home environment. The residents, shop owners, and restaurants become a great place to begin using new found voices.

Neeko on VashonOur clients will come to know and find favorite places to spend their leisure time over the course of their stay. Whether they are ordering pizza at Saucy Sister’s, or burgers and ice cream at Zombiez, or perhaps feeling a more international flare at Green Ginger for Chinese, they will feel the friendly welcome heart of the community. Our two supermarkets are a great place to take shopping lists create and make favorite meals for a night in. The island offers everything our families and clients could need. The island boasts plenty of hiking and quaint shops and beautiful scenery that is unlike anywhere else!

Our clients and families are sure to feel transported a thousand miles from the ordinary though, the fact is that Vashon is a short fifteen minute ferry ride from Tacoma. The ferry itself becomes a part of our charm! Our graduated clients report that the ferry signaled the beginning or end of their working days and became an excellent place to gear up or wind down. The ferry blends itself into the whole environment and becomes and integral part of the immersive experience at AAC4ME.

Vashon happens to be the home of most of the members of our board. AAC4ME combines care, retreat, support, and connection. And Vashon Island plays a starring role.