Our Mission

Our Mission 2017-06-06T13:29:07+00:00

We believe in the inherent value of every individual life. We see communication as a basic human right and we believe that every person deserves a chance to have a distinct and individual voice.

We are a non profit organization that empowers people with complex language and communication disorders to find their voice. It’s time we change the culture of the current ideas about the value of contribution of people who are non verbal. We believe in our approach at AAC4Me because we can bridge the gap and combine the best in clinical practice with the heart of passion. We connect the technology, education, therapy, and support to each client.

Our belief is that to unlock communication for a non verbal person is to open up a bigger world of connection, a place of dignity, a best personal level of independence, a personal purpose, and a chance for our clients to then express their unique gifts and inherent value to the world.

We believe communication is connection to a vision of whole self. That it opens gateways to a greater sense of purpose. We believe it can then empower others to do the same. We believe that each of our clients can create change, just by living their own best lives. We believe that each voice should be heard. We believe that every client of ours deserves access to the best of care.

The good news is, that we know that our program works! Because our practice is more than just about the individual. That is just where we start! We’ve already seen the proof of it spread to the families of our clients. We’ve seen it move into the school districts. We’ve seen how communities benefit. And, we are confident that given an opportunity to see more graduates, our graduating ambassadors will change the world entirely.

AAC4ME is about so much more than a child getting a device. It’s about giving access to a chance to unlock connection and expression. To allow whole selves to emerge to then go forward help to create a sense of inspiration and purpose for all of us. It is our mission to change the world one voice at a time.