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common denominators

We here at AAC4ME share a beautiful vision.

It is our belief that communication is a basic human right and that every person deserves to have a distinct and individual voice. All of us here are committed to this vision. We know we can make a significant difference in the lives of children diagnosed with complex communication and language disorders. We know because we’ve seen the impact of lives already changed by our model. We’ve seen the difference it makes when a child is given access to the latest technology, the best in therapy, and when the whole person and family is supported and encouraged. Our strength comes combining our talents and passions and we know we can make it happen! AAC4ME brings together the best in clinical care practice with a core heart of passion.


Raven and James

Raven Pyle-McCrackyn & James


Anne Atwell


Paula Herrington


Kim Ainsley

Cynthia and Neeko

Cynthia Niswonger & Neeko


Meri Shepard