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Our Mission

higher purpose

We know we can make a significant difference in the lives of children diagnosed with complex communication and language disorders.

We know because we’ve seen the impact of lives already changed by our model.
We’ve seen the difference it makes when a child is given access to the latest technology, the best in therapy, and when the whole person and family is supported and encouraged. AAC4ME brings together the best in clinical care practice with a core heart of passion.

Success Stories

  • James speech therapy


James was diagnosed with Autism just before he turned two. At the time he was non verbal. His family brought him to work with the staff at CLASS INC. very shortly afterward. Over time James [...]

  • Kaleb


Kaleb was diagnosed when he was 3 years old in 2007 with non verbal autism. Kaleb had very little access to outside speech therapies in his home state and the school he attended said that he [...]

  • no cheese


In December of 2009 Nicholas (Neeko) was diagnosed severely (nonverbal) autistic. He was nearly 3 years old. At the time of his diagnosis I was told that his prognosis was very grim and that he would probably be [...]

Help us change the world one voice at a time.

Like all non profit organizations we do depend on generosity from people like yourself. AAC4ME has been created to offer the best team of professionals, the best in wrap around support, and the best in therapeutic care; that can be found anywhere! Your financial donations can help us change the world one voice at a time.